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Wooden Handle Shaving Brush

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A Shaving Brush is used to absorb hot water, and then mix the water with shaving soap or cream. 

  • Mixing shaving soap with a brush creates a thick, rich and cushioning lather.
  • When applying the lather to your face, the brush gently exfoliates skin - removing dry cells leaving skin healthy and soft. 
  • Removing dead skin cells leaves no dry skin to clog the razor and prevent it from gliding smoothly across the skin. 
  • Exfoliating can help young men with acne, and keep more mature skin hydrated and soft.
  • The brush allows for the closest shave possible by lifting and softening the hair.  The whiskers are lifted into the thick lather, suspending the hair away from the skin.  This allows the blade to cut close to the skin line.  
  • They just plain look cool!

 Our wooden handled shaving brush measures 4 inches by 1 1/4 inches